Harvey & Laura

As well as photographing dogs I’ve also spent many years capturing our equine friends.

Last month I was delighted to be shooting this absolute stunner, Harvey! Harvey found his mum, Laura, at just 18 months old and has been his everything for the last 11 years. It soon became clear Harvey was going to be an exceptionally handsome boy, with a cheeky personality too! Who could ever resist a face this gorgeous?!

Harvey horse

Laura chose to run Harvey’s photo shoot at home, where he would be calm and familiar with his surroundings. This was handy as Harvey is one big boy, standing at 17.2 hands high (that’s 1.75 metres at his withers), you wouldn’t want over-excited.

We started getting Harvey used to the camera whilst he relaxed in his field. It has to be said he was one cool cookie, just munching on the hay scattered about and keeping cool under the warm evening sun.  Even so, we did manage to encourage him to enjoy the freedom of his field. He really got into the photo shoot spirit… cantering towards the lens, throwing in a few bucks and twirls for good measure!


Once Harvey had familiarised himself with the job at hand, we brought Laura into focus as her goal for the session was to create artwork with images capturing the bond they share. Like all long-term relationships, those with our animal friends can be everything from joyful and exciting to challenging and rather testing. But, most of all they are enormously rewarding! That’s what I was treated to working with Harvey and Laura, what a wonderful bond.



As you may be able to tell, the weather was quite changeable the evening of Harvey and Laura’s photo shoot. We were moving from romantic, warmly lit close up moments to rather stormy and moody shots with the heavy clouds looming.


Thank you to Harvey and Laura for welcoming me into their paddock for a beautiful and sometimes hilarious photo shoot!

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