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The Club was set up by Lauren at Wilde Dog Photography after she realised her little dog would benefit from regular socialising with other dogs. Lauren continues to manage the group and run walks via the Club’s Facebook Page and Eventbrite.

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The story starts when we re-homed Oscar, our lovely little fluff puff! Although Oscar was well behaved around our home he was very unsure how to behave with unfamiliar dogs. On occasions we felt this became somewhat risky. As cute and as friendly as Oscar may be, any dog hurtling towards you and your furry friend whilst barking loudly is not a welcome experience! In fact for anxious, nervous, young, old or infirm dogs this can be especially frightening. That’s when we decided Oscar would benefit from socialisation.


Like many new years resolutions, I wasn’t too sure what the end result would be. However, on 1st January 2018 the group had it’s very first member and by February we had over 300! So it turns out we Bedfordshire dog owners love to get out there with our pooches to have fun exploring together! Membership continues to grow with over 600 members today, that’s over 2,400 paws!!!

It has been absolutely fantastic to see such community spirit with members volunteering to host walks as demand became a little more than I could manage alone. We even run specialist walks for puppies, small dogs, excitable dogs, long walks and more. The success of the club is certainly down to our fabulous members and their wonderful dogs of all shapes and sizes!

Last updated 21st March 2020.



A lovely walk over fairly flat but rough ground across the open land north of Wilstead village. This route is 5km/3miles long and will take between 45 minutes and 1 hour. You will need to keep your dog on a lead when near any grazing livestock and along the road.


A hilly but very scenic route across fields from Houghton House to Ampthill and back. This route is 4km/2.5miles long and will take between 1hr and 1hr15mins. You will need to keep your dog on a lead when near any grazing livestock and along the road.